Sales of Industrial Equipments, for coding, labelling and packaging.

Labellers and Tax-Stamp Applicators

Laboratory Equipments

Who we are

About us

CTA Investments is into the sales of industrial equipment for coding, labelling and packaging. We also deal in the sales of industrial chemicals and flavours. Our products are the best in the industrial market and meet the industrial standards. Below is a summary of our partners and their products

24/7 Support Service

We provide round-the-clock support service at all times

Free Delivery

We provide free delivery of consumables and spare parts

Free Consultancy

We provide free consultancy services to our clients

Flexible Payment Terms

We understand the pressing financial needs of our customers and thus, provide them with flexible payment plans

Relaxed Contract Agreement

Unlike others, we provide our clients with relaxed contract agreements

Free Commissioning of Our Equipment

We commission our equipment for our clients at no fee


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