Flavours & Caramels

Flavors & Caramels of all types


an infinity of taste 

METAROM develops unique natural signature offering you customized flavouring solutions for all your applications!

Creator of flavoring solutions

METAROM takes up the challenge to create the flavoring solutions you need. Our flavorists are inspired by Nature and food trends to develop taste solutions in line with your expectations and those of your markets.

Foremost is our attention to the needs of your business. The key to our success is harnessing our collective knowledge and expertise within the Metarom group. Working collaboratively, we welcome you into our premises to work directly on your recipes.


indulgence & technical expertise

Metarom Group, specialist in textured caramels: the CARA’SENS, an extensive and versatile range meeting all your technical requirements.

Caramel creator

Our passion for caramels began in 1953 and our promotion of this authentic flavours continues today with its widespread appreciation by consumers.

Our know-how, acquired over the years, is based on a thorough knowledge of the ingredients and the proper mastery of caramelization.

Our specialised team, skilled and creative in caramels are at your service offering you functional and ever more indulgent solutions.
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