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CTA Investments is into the sales of industrial equipment for coding, labelling and packaging. We also deal in the sales of industrial chemicals and flavours. Our products are the best in the industrial market and meet the industrial standards. Below is a summary of our partners and their products

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Thermal inkjet

Designed for use on even the most challenging substrates, our intelligent, high resolution modular G-Series thermal inkjet printers are simple to install, maintain and use on your production line.



FEATURE COMPARISON Domino G20i Domino G130i Domino G230i Domino G320i Domino G320i OEM Board
Max print height12.7mm25.4mm25.4mm50.8mm50.8mm
Line speedFor use at constant line speedupto 300m a minuteupto 300m a minuteupto 300m a minuteupto 300m a minute
Max number of heads12244
Print Groups (Enables different messages per printhead) 2244
High resolution print     
Multiple head stitching     
Solvent and Aqueaous inks     
Primary coding     
Outer case coding     
Non contact printing     
High Speed serialisation




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