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CTA Investments is into the sales of industrial equipment for coding, labelling and packaging. We also deal in the sales of industrial chemicals and flavours. Our products are the best in the industrial market and meet the industrial standards. Below is a summary of our partners and their products

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Fibre laser

For permanent, precise laser marking of crisp, clear codes onto a wide range of materials, one of Domino Printing’s potential solutions is the F-⁠⁠Series fibre laser system. Boasting a laser beam spot size that is typically ten times finer and sharper than other laser marking and coding products, our F-Series fibre laser printers allow you to mark your products with utmost precision and quality.



FEATURE COMPARISON Domino F220i Domino F720i
Printed substrateMetal, PlasticsMetal, Plastics
Ultra high speed  
Ink not required  
Laser life100 000hrs100 000hrs
Power Range20W70W


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